Disinfection stand with non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser

Disinfection stand with non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser

We developed a disinfection stand with non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser using a foot pedal sanitizer dispenser design with easy height adjustment and customised branding options. Prices start at 239 EUR

Disinfection stand with non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser

Why the Corynor Desin disinfection stand with non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser?

Tailor your stand to measure

Our disinfection stands offer variability in terms of their appearance and use. Looking for a floor or wall mounted stand? No problem, a few clicks is all it takes to choose the right stand to best meet your needs.

Stands for large and small

Thanks to its refined design, all our stands offer height adjustment. This makes our stands the right choice for every age and height category, from the smallest of school children to your employees and customers.

Material matched to your needs

Stands are easy to adapt to your specific needs. Looking for a stand for outdoor space or inside your facility? We’d be happy to accommodate and offer you a solution that best meets your needs.


The stands have a locking security cover that prevents the theft of disinfectant and internal components. The stand may be anchored to the floor and secured with a chain or wire thanks to the integrated system.

Efficient dispensing

You define the ideal amount of disinfectant. Simply adjust the pressurised system and integrated nozzles. You set the right balance between efficiency and savings when using the dispenser.

Quality first

We developed the stand to work in every environment. It’s the perfect choice for outdoor use and in industrial settings. The durability of the stand is guaranteed thanks to an all-metal and robust design with properly sized components.


Interested in our product or want to know more?

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